Yoga In Astrology

Yoga is a special disposition of planets or planets in Indian Astrology which can produce specific results. Your complete lifecycle, your pleasure, sorrow are depends totally on Yogas.

Generally there are many types of Yogas but three major types of Yogas which are based on house ruler ship. They are Raja Yoga, Dhana Yoga, and Arista Yoga. These are the most important yogas in a person kundali which have a very important role in his life.

Every Yoga produces special result according to its shape because the Yogas change their position according to time and the result is depends on the specific position. Sometimes Yoga produces a good result and some time it may be bad because it depends on the rashi and horoscope of the person. If your horoscope has a good combination with your Yogas then you get a good result but if your yogas and your horoscope don't have a good combination then it may be very harmful to you. An Astrologer has many solutions which can solve your problems because only he has the knowledge about a kundali and horoscope, so if you want to make your life happy then contact to an astrologer.

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