Predictions Cancer Horoscope

Crab is considered the most fortunate and the moon is the owner. It covers an area of ​​80 to 120 degrees holds. The amount of water ie water bodies and coastal areas is related to the area around the beaches and waterfalls. You stay at home instead of going to public places is more dear. You are extremely sensitive, curious and restless tendencies are. You have a sense of dedication to your family and friends.

You physically medium sized, white colored, wide chest and arms are long.

You are intelligent, are bright and caring personality. You have a deep love for his family and children. Appropriate for your business - painting, from the Department of Water and Irrigation, business and botany, cotton, rice and milk, white metal and are suitable for the area from the Moon Stone.

Appropriate for you business - hotels, restaurants, medical, defense, agriculture and in the field of electrical appliances.

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