Pitra Dosh

Astrology has vast knowledge about planets and their position. And to define their position and houses a birth chart is made by an astrologer due to their command in this. Basically it is needed for future predictions. But to make life prosperous and happy it depends on position of planets. If the position of these is not proper then it makes some Dosha. As if it is in 9th house having Sun and Rahu together then Pitra dosha is formed. Because this house is concern to father or manes, so it is very important house. But this situation occurs due to previous sins.

Actually in this Dosha the soul of ancestor is not get peace (shanti).It is due to some reasons like bed deeds of ancestors, bed deeds of children, and one more that Is lack of fulfillment of paternal desires and all these happen knowingly unknowingly that embarrass the soul of ancestors. Basically this dosha shows its impact in various manner in which family don't grow properly, child suffers with lots of dieses repeatedly. Thus in life there are lots of typical and terrific problems that are face by an individual, so you cannot save yourself and family by natural disasters.

Thus one better option is this to ask an astrologer they have a great knowledge about this. As well as they also provide an individual the cure which may help him to get rid of these? They make a deep studies in all this, thus they provide a mature answer. There are lots of other problem in life which is directly or indirectly affect the life in these circumstances an option remain at last to take advise from an astrologer to make ancestor happy and make their soul calm. This is really very dominant and powerful alternate.

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