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When the goddess of beauty and love enters the fiery stars of Aries on March 21, get ready for the fierce and fiery side of love. We could be seduced by the challenge more than the actual person during this time. Don't you dare bore the goddess, or worse, make her wait while she holds court in the sign of immediate gratification.

We're all apt to be a bit reckless and impulsive when it comes to love for the next few weeks. Patience is not a popular virtue at the moment, so forget about sitting still and waiting for good things to come your way. Aries is one of the most competitive signs in the zodiac, and love could definitely become a battlefield if we don't feel we're being treated as top priority. In fact, when the love goddess is expressing her fiery side through this "I'm number one" sign and feels snubbed, she certainly is not going to sit back in the corner like a good little wallflower and wait her turn.

This is a time to fight for what we want in the love department. We're less willing to sacrifice our needs to be first and to be right, which could make for passionate but not necessarily harmonious relations. What's hot is independence, challenge and self-assertion. What's not hot is neediness, co-dependency and passive-aggressiveness. Aries likes it served straight up, steamy and straight between the eyes. Be honest, be in the moment and don't dance too close to the fire.

If you don't like excitement, passion and a nice little tiff to fan the flames of desire, this might not be your kind of Venus transit. But if you love to throw all caution and niceties to the wind and live on fire, this is most definitely your time to burn!

The sensuality of Venus, the Goddess of love, oozes in the very being of the Taurus. The people born under the Zodiac Sign Taurus are reliable and are not impulsive in the matters of the heart. They would take their own sweet time in selecting a partner for themselves, and the foremost thing on their mind while finding love is permanence and security. However, once these individuals have made up their mind, nothing and nobody can make them budge from their decision. They are fiercely loyal and expect the same from their partner. The love to employ their senses of touch, smell and taste to get to the very essence of love. But their inflexibility, stubbornness and possessiveness can become a major problem in their love life. Having said that, the kind of solidarity that they create while in love is unmatched in the zodiac.

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